$15 for brackets to hold a CPU or SSD?


In Japan, we find things that are totally useless, and therefore, logically, perfectly indispensable! Indeed, manufacturer NBROS unveils its M.2 SSD and CPU holders. Why? Good question.

CPU/SSD holders to show off your hardware!

Supports CPU

Broadly speaking, these supports simply enable you to display your computer equipment. They may be of interest to content creators for photo shoots, or in a background, for example… Or for those wishing to sell their equipment, for example.

For processors, it’s a simple stand with a foot and a part that holds the processor. The latter features a non-slip coating to prevent the CPU from slipping. The dimensions are 65x65x50 mm and the construction is in steel.

Supports SSDOn the SSD side, the stand is larger: 85x100x95 mm, with the same steel construction. For SSDs, it features a two-screw mounting mechanism for M.2 2280 format units. Note that the screw on the connector side has a rubber coating to prevent damage to the tracks.

Prices are $12.32 for the CPU support and $14.52 for the SSD version. Once again