Intel responds to 3nm rumors


A few days ago, we told you about Intel’s misadventures concerning its deal with TSMC for 3nm. This deal was indeed short-circuited by Apple. Apple is committed to the whole 3nm production of the Taiwanese manufacturer for 2023. A situation that calls into question certain products (Meteor Lake-S) that must use an external foundry for some elements. Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, wanted to cut short these rumors that the blue would delay products manufactured using 3nm manufacturing technologies from Intel 3 or TSMC.

Intel Meteor-Lake 7nm

However, he skillfully circumvented the problem concerning Meteor Lake by saying that everything related to 3nm, produced by Intel or outsourced to TSMC, was scheduled only in 2024 … The latest roadmap obviously confirms all this.

Intel 3nm
No more Meteor Lake in 2023 on desktop…RPL is going to put up resistance

Intel is going to make Raptor Lake last because AMD isn’t worried about it?

The 3nm programs are on track, both with TSMC and with our internal Intel 3 Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest programs in particular, said Pat Gelsinger on a conference call. He even adds a layer: I’m somewhat surprised by some of these rumor-fueled discussions. You may notice that there were similar ones about Intel 4 a few months ago, as well as some of our other programs with TSMC, all of which were obviously false at the time as well. However, the assurance of Intel’s boss is based on the claim that Meteor Lake would only arrive in laptops in the second half of the year. An untruth, since the desktop chip was presented and announced only a few months ago.

Meteor Lake will be the first CPU resulting from the collaboration with TSMC. It is composed of an Intel 4 compute tile (7 nm) as well as GPU (5 nm) and SoC (6 nm) tiles manufactured by TSMC using Foveros 3Dtechnology. In addition, Meteor Lake will also become Intel’s first processor family to incorporate extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. The Meteor Lake S version would be completely cancelled at this time.