Z790 Aorus Tachyon available from Finnish dealer!


Gigabyte’s dedicated overclocking motherboard, the Z790 Aorus Tachyon has just made an appearance in Finland. Indeed, the board is currently on sale for €759.90 on a Finnish retailer.

The Z790 Aorus Tachyon, the card makes its appearance at a Finnish seller!

Z790 Aorus TachyonAs a reminder, with this model we are dealing with a huge card in E-ATX format. Of course, when you see all the equipment that it embeds for theOC, you need space to put everything! We then find two big heatsinks surrounding the socket to cool the 15+1+2 power supply phases. They are connected by heat pipes.

Otherwise, on the right, we find the overclocking pole with all the buttons and all the functions related to the practice. Pell-mell, we find a Clear CMOS button as well as the power and reset buttons. Similarly, it will be possible to directly modify the CPU multiplier via two buttons. Finally, we have functions related to the OC under nitrogen with a retry button forcing a cold reboot or a TGR switch. In short, we present everything on our unboxing article of the card.

Thanks to the Finnish reseller, we have a price for this model which is 759,90 € at jimms.fi. Now we just have to know what the price will be for France, but don’t expect a big discount. Of course, in Finland the VAT is 24% against 20% here. So we can expect a price around 700 € in our countries.