Windows 11 to introduce WiFi QR Code connectivity


Windows 11 will soon introduce “WiFi QR Code” connectivity in the next update. This is a feature enabling users to connect to networks via QR code scanning. This enhancement is also designed to simplify network connections, and particularly concerns mobile devices such as laptops and tablets. The feature will be integrated into the Windows 11 camera application. Users will be able to activate it by selecting the “Scan barcode” mode.

windows 11 qr code

How do I get this new function?

Currently available in early versions of Windows 11. This QR code scanning capability should be officially launched in Update 24H2. The latter is scheduled for release in Autonomous 2024. This addition promises greater convenience, especially for users of mobile devices. However, it is important to note that this preliminary version may contain bugs.

Concerns for older systems?

Update 24H2 will also introduce new system requirements, such as the need for the POPCNT instruction set. This could have an impact on those with older hardware. Unfortunately for users, Microsoft’s policy reflects its ongoing efforts to update and eventually phase out older technologies from its operating system.

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