Windows 11: it’s the big day


Today, October 5, the free update on eligible Windows 10 PCs begins. For the launch, you will be able to find the first PCs preinstalled with Windows 11 in some stores. Upgrading to Windows 11 will also depend heavily on your PC’s components. While Microsoft has encouraged everyone to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, only those with modern processors will be offered the free upgrade to Windows 11. It is this decision, which Microsoft attributes to security, that has generated controversy even before the release of Windows 11. From a usage point of view and contrary to the classic bad mood of some nostalgic Windows 7 users, the daily use of Windows 11 is rather a pleasant surprise. It is very similar to Windows 10, so it is impossible to consider that users will be confused. The more do-it-yourselfers will find that some elements are missing, but overall the upgrade remains “painless”. Some security requirements may make you jump, you should also expect patches and other add-ons as for any freshly unmoulded OS, but any user familiar with the Windows environment will not be in panic in front of this new version. Because that’s the reality of this version: Windows 11 mainly brings changes to an old formula that has been working quite well for years. If you want to create a Windows 11 installation image without further ado, you’ll find something to play with here.

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