Windows 11 (26002): a new power-saving mode!


Windows 11 (26002): introduces a new energy-saving mode, in addition to the operating system’s existing energy-efficiency features. This mode is specifically designed to minimize power consumption on laptops and desktops. It is important to recognize that this may lead to a reduction in system performance.

Windows 11

How do I use this function?

To access and control this function :

– Go to “Quick settings ” in the power settings mentioned in Windows Central.

The main function of this feature?

It’s to extend the battery life of laptops by moderating certain aspects of performance and background processes. Desktop computers can also use this mode. The effect on their energy consumption is generally less significant.

The mode offers customization options:

  • Automatic activation at a certain battery level.
  • Manual engagement or continuous operation.

Windows 11

WINDOWS 11: what other improvements have been made?

  • The “Quick Settings” panel has been improved for greater responsiveness and easier management of VPN settings.
  • The “Wifi Quick Settings” panel now features a standard refresh button. This extends the availability of this tool, which was previously limited to certain preview versions.
  • The update also integrates new Microsoft account notifications on the Settings home page.

Overall, this update focuses on :

Improving energy efficiency and user experience, aimed at optimizing the operating system’s functionality and ease of use.

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