Wieland, test an AIO watercooling without pump by Der8auer!


In Germany, Weiland is currently working on an all-in-one watercooling system… without a pump. The advantage of such a system lies in the absence of noise, while offering greater reliability. Yes, the more components there are in a system, the more likely it is to break down.

Be that as it may, Der8auer has managed to get its hands on a prototype of the kit, and puts it up against a Corsair kit of the same dimensions… Well, not quite. Since he didn’t have a 240 mm AIO to speak of, he used an H150i from which he removed a fan and taped the empty space of the radiator to prevent any heat exchange. The aim was to simulate a 240 mm radiator.

Wieland vs Corsair!

Wieland AIO sans pompe

Of course, by the time it goes to market, many changes can be made… Not least in terms of design. Indeed, bright red pipes and a company logo painted directly on the block are not the prettiest things.

However, despite its prototype status, this solution already looks interesting from a performance point of view. When mounted on a stock Ryzen 9 7950X, the temperatures obtained are quite similar to those of the Corsair kit in game. On Cinebench R23, however, things get more complicated. The performance gap between the two kits is 8°C in Corsair’s favor. What’s more, this temperature difference penalizes frequency rise and therefore performance.

Finally, we should bear in mind that this prototype is already running rather well, despite the absence of a pump. In fact, its operation is based on the Thermosyphon principle. Basically, the kit uses temperature differences in the waterblock to generate its circulation of heat transfer fluid within the system.

Last but not least, there’s the material in contact with the CPU. Here, we’re talking about aluminum, but switching to copper would enable better heat exchange, for example.