What if we took the PC outside in -53°C?


But what a great idea you might say. Our friends at Wccftech shared the adventures of a Chinese designer “苏打baka” who decided to test her configuration outside in -53°C. Last week, China experienced an unprecedented cold snap with very low temperatures, so it was an opportunity for her to put her configuration equipped with an Intel Core i9-13900K, an NVIDIA RTX 4090 as well as a 360mm AIO to the test. When we know that a 13900K can easily reach a temperature of 90°C in benchmark, we can wonder how it will behave outside.

With temperatures near -53°C, it didn’t take long for the fluid inside the cooling loop to freeze causing the pump to stop. But it took more than that to stop 苏打baka, who replaced the liquid cooling system with a Noctua NH-P1 passive heatsink combined with a series of fans. At that point, the CPU temperature was around 10/15C while the RTX 4090’s temperature dropped to -40C (-18C Hotspot). Such low temperatures allowed the 13900K to peak at 6.18 GHz.

So, what to do when you have the most powerful configuration of the moment? Well, we’re going to play a game of Minesweeper in the warmth! We share with you our video below where we had also made a test of this kind but the temperature at home was only -2°C. We had already almost lost our fingers that day.