What if Colorful were to prepare an RTX 4090 OC Lab?


It’s a rumour that’s starting to swirl around the web and suggests that the NVIDIA graphics card brand Colorful may soon announce an RTX 4090 OC Lab version based on the RTX 4090 Vulcan OC-V. What is an “OC Lab” graphics card? It’s a model that generally has a reworked PCB and an unlocked BIOS that allows you to take advantage of the card’s potential when overclocking, but mainly when cold. To put it simply, the limits imposed by NVIDIA are not taken into account on this type of card and their objective is to put it under LN2 to break records.

A clue that Colorful is really busy working on this card comes from a capture posted by Takukou where he got first place at 3DMark Time Spy Extreme with an RTX 4090.


In the commentary, he noted: ” Colorful iGame Lab, will submit more results at the appropriate time “.

colorful oc lab RTX 4090

Since the disappearance of EVGA, only GALAX is left, which should logically offer an RTX 4090 Hall Of Fame OC Lab. These cards are offered in very limited quantities and are often much more expensive than the other versions. It remains to be seen whether this card will be available in Europe as Colorful is not really present there at the moment.