What are the best-selling graphics cards at the start of 2024?


Here we have a snapshot of the state of the market for graphics card sales in the first quarter of 2024. Please note that these figures come from Mindfactory and do not reflect the overall situation. At best, one might consider these sales to be a snapshot of the German Internet market. But we also know that this company sells products beyond the borders of its own country. Overall, when it comes to the 3 graphics chip manufacturers, until now it was needless to say that Nvidia had a comfortable lead… But with these data, it’s hard to talk of domination. After all, in terms of volume, the chameleon is only ahead by relying almost exclusively on its RTX 40 range. In Mindfactory’s view, then, AMD’s first quarter is a rather positive one:

Mindfactory cartes graphiques

At Mindfactory, AMD does well with its graphics cards

If we zoom in on the best-selling cards, it’s the 7800XT that does particularly well, beating Nvidia’s best-seller, the 4060Ti, by almost 2 times (in terms of sales volume). In this respect, it’s interesting to note that AMD, at least from the point of view of this German distributor, is doing very well with its high-end products. The 7900XT is selling much better than the 4080S. If we take a look at the 7900XTX, here again the figures are relatively surprising, since this version sells almost as much as the 4080S and 4090 combined.

cartes graphiques les plus vendues Q1 2024 Then there’s Intel, whose sales volume is very low. On a positive note, even though Intel Arc boards account for just over 1% (1.1%) of sales volume, they have outstripped sales of NVIDIA Turing (RTX 20) boards, which are still lingering on the market. To do better, as we’ve already mentioned, Intel will have to step up a gear, not only in terms of availability, but also in terms of the diversity of brands offering ARC solutions. This is still very limited, but things could change with the arrival of Battlemage.