We felt it coming: the 12VHPWR connector will change


The subject of the worries and even disasters caused by the 12VHPWR connector has become very hot in recent weeks. Where some people have only seen a bad buzz, we recognize that it is legitimate to ask big questions about a connector equipping cards at an ultra high price and seeming to be the cause of problems. If Nvidia is today an easy target, let’s not forget that this connector as well as the standard with which it comes, must progressively accompany all brands for the next few years. We have talked about several communications from the PCI-SIG association, the organization behind the PCI-Express standard itself. Things obviously couldn’t stop there and it now seems certain that the 12VHPWR connector will have a change in design. Obviously, this means that a “new” version of the RTX 4090/80 cards will be released when this change is validated.

connecteur 12VHPWR problèmes

12VHPWR connector: towards a V2?

If we read between the lines some of the information, it seems that it was Nvidia who twisted the arm of the PCI-SIG to force them to release an official design change for the 12VHPWR connector. Kopite7kimi even tells us that Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s CEO, will soon speak out about the whole thing…

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