Valor Air : an airflow oriented box, but this time from XPG !


Mesh and/or perforated front panels are really popular these days. It must be said that they allow a better airflow inside our PCs and when we see the consumption of the latest CPUs and GPUs, we think it’s not bad. So XPG is surfing on this vibe by offering its Valor Air case!

Valor Air : a compact airflow oriented model !

XPG Valor AirAs often, we find a case with a medium tower format, nevertheless, its dimensions are compact. Indeed, it displays 210 (W) x 371 (D) x 460 (H) mm.

Internally, it is classic with a motherboard support in ATX format. For storage, there are two 3.5″ slots completed by two others in 2.5″. It will also be possible to sacrifice a 3.5″ disk for a 2.5″ SSD.

For the rest of the components, we have 166 mm of height for the CPU fan. On the GPU side, we have 335 mm in length (305 mm with the front fans) versus 160 to 180 mm for the power supply. It all depends on whether you keep the HDD cage.

On the cooling side, this model lands with four mills in 120 mm, three in the front, one in the back. Otherwise, in absolute terms, this model has six slots in 120 mm against four in 140 mm. For the radiator support, in the front, we can install 360 mm max against 240 mm in the top.

Now all that remains is to know how much this model costs.

This way to the ADATA datasheet!