RX 7900 XTX Gaming Trio Classic from MSI on Newegg


MSI finally decides to launch its custom RX 7900 series graphics cards. Since the launch of the new generation of AMD, MSI has totally skipped the red cards. It is only now that we can see an RX 7900 XTX Gaming Trio Classic on sale at Newegg. The price? $1100!

RX 7900 XTX Gaming Trio Classic, count $1100 at Newegg !

RX 7900 XTX Gaming Trio ClassicAs we told you during the CES with this model, MSI offers us a card based on an old generation heatsink. Indeed, this is the heatsink that was in use until now on the RX 6000 from AMD.

For the time being, we have a Tri Frozr 2 heatsink with three Torx 4.0 fans. We also have three separate aluminum fin stacks as well as a total of six copper heatpipes. Of course, the VRMs are cooled by dedicated heatsinks while there is a backplate stiffening the structure. Finally, the backplate is equipped with thermal pads, so it will help with cooling.

However, if the heatsink does not offer anything new, the PCB remains of house design. It should include a large number of power supply phases. Similarly, to power this model, you will have to go through a total of three 8-pin PCIe connectors.

In terms of frequency, we find a GPU running at 2.5 GHz in boost… That is to say the boost of the reference card of AMD. Regarding the memory, no factory overclocking has been brought, but it is rather classic.

For the price, you’ll have to count $1099.99 (+$200 compared to AMD’s announcement price) at Newegg. Please note that this is a card sold and shipped by Newegg, so it’s not a crazy marketplace price. Anyway, if we can be happy to finally see the RX 7000 signed MSI, this model leaves a bitter aftertaste. Between heatsink recycling, factory frequency, late arrival and high price… This is a card that will soon be forgotten.

This way to the MSI datasheet !