Ultra 120EX Rev.4: a new version of the Thermalright cooler


Thermalright launched (we are a bit late on this subject) a new version of its Ultra 120EX Rev.4 heatsink which we talked about in last June. Indeed, this new model comes with a single fan and a less polished look. Here, we go from black to aluminum gray!

Ultra 120EX Rev.4: a lighter version ?

Thermalright Ultra 120EX Rev.4On the menu, we still find a heatsink in 120 mm rather strong. As a reminder, this model has compact dimensions: 132 (W) x 64 (D) x 157 (H) mm, but offers a high density of copper heatpipes. Here, there are six of them, meeting at the level of a nickel-plated copper loop. Normally, the performance should be at the rendez-vous.

Otherwise, the radiator offers a total of 52 aluminum fins, however, they abandon the black finish. As for the base, it is slightly eccentric towards the front to limit the impact on the memory.

For the ventilation, we find a single fan, a TL-B12G powered by PWM. The latter will be able to climb quite high in the towers: up to 2150 RPM. Nevertheless, if it will be potentially audible at full speed, the performance should be there. We are talking about an air flow of 69 CFM and a static pressure of 2.87 mmH2O. For the moment, we do not know the selling price.

Here is the technical data sheet of Thermalright !

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