[Tweak League] Round 1 results!


Here are the results of round 1 of the Tweak League 2024. For the record, 5 competitors competed to optimize a PC assembled using the same components sent by our partners. These 5 competitors included 1 member of our editorial team ( @Mischa ) and 4 members of the community.

To decide which competitor would stay with us for Round 2, we held a community vote. We asked our partners the same questions. The two “colleges” each represented 50% of the weight in the final score.

For the record, we have clearly defined the fundamental principles that should drive the competitors in this Tweak League. No esoteric formulas or gimmicks, but a simple, reproducible and clearly educational demonstration to give the best tips and the desire to all “lambdas” users to optimize their future PC. All this in the context of everyday use (i.e. 100% stable) and with a strong gaming focus.

Tweak League Round 1: Final voting results

As mentioned above, the evaluation was as much about content as form. In our community, we have no doubts about the technical skills of our members. On the other hand, the task of popularizing and transmitting information is always much more difficult. And that’s only to be expected, especially when you’re addressing a much less expert audience. An audience that is above all looking to be convinced by concrete results that can be measured immediately in their day-to-day use. The quality and relevance of the written content was therefore a criterion, as was the ability to communicate beyond the circle of the convinced that we all frequent.

CodeCommando validated for Round 2!

He has qualified for Round 2. He was also the youngest competitor in Round 1 (aged 18). If we’re referring here to the “external” feedback we’ve had about him, it’s in terms of form, pedagogy and the ability to “get the laymen on board” (we won’t give the author’s name) that he made the difference. It’s also worth noting that the choice of CodeCommado was unanimous on both the community and partner sides.

Above all, we’re delighted that all the competitors enjoyed themselves, and that many solutions are now available to our readers for optimizing their machines. A summary article on the subject will be published in a few days’ time.

The life of the Round 1 competitors doesn’t end there, as they are now, at their convenience, transferred to the “coaches” category for Round 2. You can of course follow all this on our discord server.