Tryx Panorama, an AIO with a curved AMOLED screen


Do you know the Tryx brand? It’s a good thing we haven’t either! For the time being, we’ll keep in mind that this is a manufacturer based in Shanghai, China. The brand is very recent (February 2023) and is already making a name for itself, thanks in particular to its all-in-one watercooling kits from the Panorama series. These feature a curved AMOLED screen with anamorphic 3D effect.

Panorama: an AIO with a crazy screen!

Tryx Panorama

The watercooling kit itself is pretty basic. Here we find a reference resulting from a collaboration between Tryx and Asetek. This model is based on the Danish manufacturer’s 8th generation. What’s more, Asetek’s COO(Chief Operation Officer) was present at the event.

What makes this kit so special is the screen it features. Up until now, we’ve been used to fairly standard LCD screens, but here we’re treated to a 6.5″ AMOLED model, curved in an L-shape and featuring high “2K” resolution, all at 60 Hz. On it, we’ll be able to display a variety of things, and really indulge ourselves with an anamorphic 3D effect. It can read video, .jpeg and .gif files, with or without a split screen.

In short, this is a kit that innovates more in terms of its screen than its structure or anything else. The price has yet to be announced, but in the meantime, launch is scheduled for the third quarter. Two colors are planned: black or white, with or without aRGB fans.