Towards a collaboration between DeepCool and Noctua?


Via their Twitter the DeepCool brand shares what seems to be the result of a collaboration with Noctua. The big question is whether it is official or not or if it is just a very well done modding!

DeepCool x Noctua, a possible partnership?

DeepCool AK500 Noctua EditionFrom what we can see, DeepCool shared, via its social networks, the picture of an AK500 particular. The latter is modified from the original model. It swaps its flat plastic top for a wooden part, much more classy. On the latter is a Noctua crest that is found in bundle with all the brand’s heatsinks. Finally, the ventilation is provided by a fan NF-A12x25 fan that we know well.

Nevertheless, the €100,000 question is: “How official is this product? That’s right, because DeepCool shares the photo on its Twitter account, but doesn’t say much more than:

After Noctua and DeepCool got married…..? 😮 @Noctua_at “.

Finally, behind this, we think that it is mostly a particularly successful modding. Indeed, in the end, it’s just a fan change and a modified top plate. Someone with some woodworking knowledge and the right tools can do it easily. The Noctua crest is what gives us the idea. Moreover, we could wonder what would be the interest of such a collab’ between the two brands given that they are two direct competitors… And that the Austrian brand did not respond to the tweets.

Anyway, it is a design that we would see in the Fractal North for example.