Thermaltake announces its S250 TG aRGB enclosure


A new case from Thermaltake: the S250 TG aRGB, a new reference in mid-tower format. It features an easy-to-open side panel and mesh front panel!

S250 TG aRGB: a new case from Thermaltake!

Thermaltake S250 TG aRGBThe program includes a mid-tower reference with dimensions of 218 (W) x 462 (D) x 490 (H) mm. As for weight, we’re at a comfortable 7.5 kg.

Internally, the case offers support for motherboards up toE-ATX. Other components include:

  • CPU ventilator: 165 mm high
  • Graphics card: 400 mm long
  • Power supply: ATX up to 220 mm deep

Thermaltake S250 TG aRGB

Graphics card expansion slots can be mounted vertically.

Otherwise, this model will support 420 mm watercooling radiators at the front. At the top, you’ll have to make do with a 360 mm model. As for ventilation, up to eleven 120 mm fans can be fitted, compared with five 140 mm fans.

Finally, the glass side panel features a quick-opening system and is hinged. As for basic ventilation, this is complete, with four basic CT120 aRGB fans.

Unfortunately, Thermaltake has not yet announced the price of this model.

Here’s the Thermaltake product sheet!