The RTX 4090 with five fans, hot off the press!


A short while ago, we told you about the RTX 4090 MegaGamer graphics card from Maxsun. The brand boasted that it was the first 4090 with five fans! However, despite the presence of so many fans, the card turns out to be a MegaFour. One user reports a particularly high temperature!

RTX 4090 MegGamer, the MegaFour from Maxsun!

Maxsun RTX 4090 MegaGamerIn itself, the card looks pretty good, with a rounded, silver-colored casing. This model also features three large fans on the front, complemented by two smaller ones on the edge. The marketing boasts an exchange surface of 7,000 mm² with the aluminum fins alone, while the heatsink features nine heat pipes. In short, a solid heatsink on paper.

Except that putting fans on everything is clearly not a solution. A user in China got his hands on the card and put it through a few tests. The results were disappointing. According to the user’s readings, both in-game and on Furmark, the card does not go below 80°C, with a hotspot close to 100°C. This version is also corroborated by another purchaser who obtains even hotter temperatures. Opening the case’s side panel reduces the temperature somewhat, but not by much.

Maxsun RTX 4090 MGG

For comparison, an RTX 4090 Founders Edition is in the 60°C to 70°C range, with a hotspot under 75°C, according to TechpowerUp. The same applies to other custom models.

What’s more, this is a perfectly normal situation according to brand support. The user nevertheless managed to get a refund after insisting… In short, a card that’s unlikely to get much press in Asia. Besides, when you see what a calamity it is, you think it’s a good thing the brand isn’t present here.