Test: Teamgroup Delta RGB 6400 CL40 DDR5


The final word:

I had a lot of fun with these Hynix chips on these Teamgroup Delta RGB 6400 MT/s CL40 modules. Now, let’s be honest, this is DDR5 memory we are discovering. I have spent dozens of hours testing the modules but more importantly I have mastered the overclocking of DDR5. And what I can tell you is that I am far from having acquired all the subtleties. As you can see, the performance is there with a kit that dominates all those we have previously tested. The frequency is of course a big part of it, but the overclocking potential of the Hynix chips allows you to go even further in terms of performance. We’re far from finished with these modules as we’re still working on subtimings to get them past the 14K barrier under memory in Geekbench 3. We also intend to stick our DOD on them to see how they behave under cold conditions before a possible switch to LN2.

The price, if availability returns to “normal” should also be very interesting and make this kit the one to buy. We know that Teamgroup will soon be offering modules with Samsung chips.

Teamgroup Delta RGB 6400 MT/s 40-40-40-84

We liked :

  • The look of the heatsinks with an aesthetically pleasing RGB
  • The quality of finish of the memory modules
  • The low height of the heatsinks allows great compatibility with the fans
  • The general performance of DDR5
  • The excellent overclocking potential of the Hynix chips and the BIOS of our APEX
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The fact that it is fun to clock the Hynix chips
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We would have liked :

  • A less precarious availability which results in excessive prices

A real favourite, this Teamgroup Delta RGB 6400 MT/s CL40 kit has given us many hours of research to optimize our overclocking profiles knowing that it is not yet finished. Let’s hope that DDR5 production will improve in the coming weeks so that we can more easily find this Teamgroup Delta RGB kit. Special thanks to the ROG team for the King Shamino BIOS and the advice of Safedisk and Kevin Wu from Teamgroup!