Test: Teamgroup Delta RGB 6400 CL40 DDR5


Finally, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a Teamgroup Delta RGB 6400 CL40 DDR5 kit with Hynix memory chips. Like you, we are experiencing DDR5 availability problems and that’s why we had to buy this memory kit personally. It’s a real chance to have been able to buy one as the availability is so limited in Europe and globally. I might as well tell you straight away that the price stings because we bought it in England. We therefore had to go through the VAT and customs taxes. In the end, this kit (unobtainable) cost us the sum of 703.21 (purchase excluding VAT) + 156.74 (VAT/customs), i.e. a total of 859.95 euros. Now we really wanted to get our hands on a copy of this kit to test the potential of the Hynix chips in overclocking. You can find our test of the Kingston Fury Beast 5200 MHz CL40 DDR5 (Micron chips) and the G.SKill Trident Z5 5600 MHz CL36 DDR5 (Samsung chips).

We take a look at the kits available to us:

Since this is an article where we are going to do comparative tests, we thought it would be interesting to review the different kits in our possession. You will thus be able to know in detail the characteristics of each of them. You can also take a look at the section where our latest memory kit tests are available and find the one that interests you.

So, a little comment on the choice of unit for the memory frequency. For several months now, manufacturers and many of our colleagues no longer use MHz to talk about the frequency of the memory. Either some use MT/s or Mbps. For our part, we are going to use MT/s for the time being while waiting to see what the new standard will be. Don’t hesitate to ask us your questions if you encounter any problems with the settings, either in comments or on our social networks. You can also join our community on the discord.

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