Test: Teamgroup Delta RGB 6400 CL40 DDR5


Packaging description:

Description of the packaging :

The Teamgroup kit is delivered in a cardboard box with a sober colour code. The brand emphasizes the RGB of its kits, with a black and a white backlit module on the front. The labels of our two black modules can be seen on the back of the box thanks to a cut-out. The labels are enclosed and protected in a transparent plastic cover. On the back of the box there is also a label that informs the future buyer of the characteristics of the memory kit. Once the box is opened, we find our two modules perfectly protected in a transparent plastic shell.

There are currently three different versions. The range has kits from DDR5 6000, 6200 to DDR5 6400. All the current range benefits from Hynix chips.

Features and cooling:

Our kit is clocked at 6400 MT/s with timings of 40-40-40-84 requiring 1.35 volts to operate. It is made up of two 16GB arrays for a total of 32GB. We are here on full black at the level of the radiators. A white version is also available on the Teamgroup site but seems to be even rarer.

In terms of dimensions, we are looking at modules measuring 46.1(H) x 144.2(W) x 7(E) mm. The heatspreaders are made of aluminium and are black in colour. They are responsible for dissipating the heat generated by the ten-layer PCB and the memory chips. On the top of the module is the RGB backlight area, into which the addressable LEDs are inserted. The shape resembles the American stealth fighter aircraft. Our modules are of course compatible with RGB software from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Biostar and ASRock.

On the first side, there are several inscriptions, the name of the series as well as DDR5 and RGB. A cutout in the heatsink features the letter “R”. On the other side, a label shows some of the characteristics of our kit. As far as the price is concerned, it should be around 500 euros. The small number of kits available has pushed this kit up to over 800 euros.

To conclude this presentation, you should know that the kit is XMP 3.0(Extreme Memory Profile) compatible. So don’t forget to activate the profile directly via the bios of our motherboards.

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