Review : Silverstone Vida 240 Slim


We continue our tests with Silverstone who, in addition to their Grandia GD11 case, sent us their latest watercooling kit, the Vida 240 Slim. This is a rather special model due to its total thinness. This model, radiator + fan is 38 mm thick. Now, the question is to know what it gives from a performance point of view. That’s what we’ll see in this test, let’s go!

Silverstone Vida 240 Slim boîte


With this new series, Silverstone offers two watercooling kits all-in-one. They come with a 240 mm and 120 mm radiator. The series does not go further with a possible reference in 360 mm. Indeed, the purpose of these products is to take place in restricted spaces that are typically found in ITX cases… Or even in the front of the case with a large graphics card for example.

Of course, this model is equipped with a slim radiator measuring only 22 mm thick. This reminds us of the very old TD02-Slim that we tested in 2015… That goes back… However, the mindset was the same as now, to provide a kit with a thin radiator and slim fans to reduce the thickness of the whole. This way, the kit can fit in the tightest places with its total thickness of 38 mm!

However, the series relies on a pump whose positioning is most original since it is housed directly in the radiator. This is something we saw on the MSI MAG CoreLiquid C240, and with this, we learn that it has a six-pole motor to reduce noise by limiting interference.

On the ventilation side, we have two slim fans of 15 mm thickness. The brand indicates that they will produce a significant airflow and static pressure without sacrificing silence. For this, the mills exploit nine blades optimized for this exercise.

Finally, to take care of the aesthetic aspect, the cover of the waterblock turns from 90° to 180° so as to reorient the branches of the flake, Silverstone logo. And to underline all this, we find an RGB lighting at the level of the cover of the block, but also on the two fans.

Silverstone Vida 240 Slim

As for prices, it’s simple, we find this Vida 240 Slim in two places, Amazon and At Amazon, you will have to deal with a merchant present on the marketplace with a price completely uncorrelated with the market. Count then $130,66 or 118,90 €, which seems to us more in phase with what the brand proposes.