Review: Silverstone Grandia GD11


Today, we meet again for the test of a new case. However, it is a model of a rather particular format since it is a case called: “HTPC”. Typically, it is the kind of box that we choose to integrate directly into the TV cabinet of his living room. So we’ll see what the Grandia GD11 from Silverstone offers, released in mid-2022. Let’s go !

Silverstone Grandia GD11

Grandia GD11 exterior:

The first thing you’ll notice about this model is its format. Indeed, it is similar to what a medium tower case can offer, but lying on its side. This translates into dimensions of 440 (W) x 399 (D) x 176 (H) mm. These are dimensions to take into account before putting it in your TV cabinet. Personally, it would not fit in mine, a Hemnes from Ikea. Nevertheless, the empty weight is not communicated.

In terms of design, we find a rather sober case with a front in two parts. The top of the latter is made of metal mesh to let the ventilation breathe while the lower part displays a brushed and anodized aluminum edge. The logo of the brand is also present in the middle. We will also note the presence of a small lasercut around the various elements constituting the control panels.

The control panel :

By the way, since we are there, let’s talk about this control panel. This one is distributed between the left and the right of the facade. It provides :

  • A power and reset button
  • Two status LEDs
  • A headphone jack
  • One USB-C port
  • Two USB-A 3.0 ports

In short, the connectivity is similar to what was offered by the Sugo 15. At least Silverstone doesn’t give in to the minimalism trend and offers something functional with its two USB-A.

The bottom:

Silverstone Grandia GD11 dessous

The bottom part of the case doesn’t offer much of anything exceptional apart from its four feet. Moreover, those located at the front of the box are much more worked than those positioned at the back. Since the box must be placed in a TV cabinet, the goal is to harmonize the look with the different amplifiers of a Hi-Fi/home cinema installation.

The back :

Silverstone Grandia GD11 derrière

However, it is at the back that we find the most to say. Indeed, on the left, we can see the location of the power supply. This will be installed vertically and we can also see the opening for its fan on the left panel.

Then, at the bottom, we have the I/O Shield slot of the card with two slots for small fans just above. Finally, we end with the seven vertical expansion slots for daughterboard mounting.


Silverstone Grandia GD11 dessus

Finally, the top doesn’t feature much in particular as the panel is solid. A simple square grid is present at the back, on the left.