Test : Kingston Fury Renegade 6400 MT/s CL32


Packaging description:

Packaging Description:

The Kingston kit is delivered in a cardboard box with a white color code and the name of the series in red. We are on a very compact format which includes on the front the main characteristics of the kit and a visual of the memory strip. Kingston seems to have already taken the lead since we find a compatibility displayed with AMD on the front of the box. We know that the next generation of AMD motherboards on the X670 and B650 chipsets will be compatible with DDR5.

Once the box is opened, we find our two modules perfectly protected in a transparent plastic shell. In addition to the two memory sticks, Kingston adds a Fury sticker.

Features and cooling:

Our kit is clocked at 6400 MT/s with timings of 32-39-39-80 requiring a voltage of 1.40 volt to operate. It is composed of two 16 GB strips for a total of 32 GB. We are on a black and silver aluminum heatsink here, which is more aggressive than the Fury series. They are responsible for dissipating the heat generated by the PCB and the memory chips. You should know that this is the only color available but maybe we will see in the coming weeks a Fury Renegade RGB version as it was already the case for the DDR4.

In terms of dimensions, we are on modules of low height. The dimensions announced by the manufacturer are 133.35 x 39.2 x 7.65 mm. The idea of this series is always to keep a compatibility with the imposing CPU fans.

On the first side, there are several inscriptions, the name of the series, the brand and DDR5. On the edge and therefore visible when the bars are inserted, we find the word Fury. Regarding the price, it is 384 euros. This seems very correct for DDR5 with these characteristics. To finish this presentation, you should know that the kit is XMP 3.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) compatible. So do not forget to activate the profile directly via the bios of our motherboards. We will come back to this in the following pages.