Test : Kingston Fury Renegade 6400 MT/s CL32


The last word:

Kingston continues to do a great job with its memory kits. Here we are on a kit that combines high frequency and tight timings. As you can see from our results, it pays off right away. The performance is excellent and this is the best 6400 MT/s kit we have had in our hands so far. Hynix chips and sorted chips mean good overclocking potential. And this was the case, since associated with our ROG Z690 APEX (2022), we were able to reach 7400 MT/s.

This “Renegade” series is adorned with a black and silver aluminum heatsink, which is a nice touch. The height is also contained to make it compatible with most cooling solutions. The price is already available at 384 euros, which puts it at a slightly higher price than the competition.

Le kit mémoire Kingston Fury Renegade DDR5

Kingston Fury Renegade 6400 MT/s CL32

We liked:

  • The look of the heatsinks aesthetically very successful
  • The quality of finish of the memory modules
  • A DDR5 kit that offers excellent performance
  • The excellent overclocking potential of the Hynix chips and the BIOS of our APEX
  • The XMP profile which goes to 7000 MT/s without any difficulty at 1.40 volts
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A price of 384 euros that finally becomes reasonable for 32 GB of DDR5

We would have liked :

  • Nothing to report at the moment!

médaille award OMF or goldWell, we can finally say that DDR5 kits with Hynix chips are finally coming of age. The performance is there thanks to high frequencies and tight timings. But that’s not all, because in overclocking, these sorted Hynix chips still offer a very interesting margin. In short, this is a memory kit that will offer you excellent performance out of the box, but will still hold some excellent surprises if you decide to overclock it! Thank you Kingston for making this Fury Renegade kit available.