Test : Aorus Z690 Tachyon Motherboard


Memory overclocking:

Just like any good motherboard dedicated to overclocking, this Tachyon presents itself as one of the best Z690s on this point. Many records have been achieved with this board on almost every Alderlake CPU model. No liquid nitrogen here, the tests were done under air with the Adata XPG Lancer RGB 6000C40 kit modified with a custom heatspreader. And, as I write this article, the tests are still ongoing and new results are coming in. Because yes, this motherboard is constantly evolving – between the purchase of this one in December and the writing of this test in April, increases of no less than 400 Mhz gain in boot and as much in bench with the same memory kit have been tuned in.

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter, all the memory tests were carried out with a CPU frequency of 5200MHz, Ecore at 4100MHz and a cache at 4400Mhz. At the end the hardware was pushed to its limit with or without Ecore.

Test on aida64 :

To start with, on aida 64 we managed to reach a frequency of 3500Mhz or 7000Mt/s in gear 2. As we can see, the increase in frequency and the decrease in timings can be seen directly in the throughput figures. As far as latency is concerned, we see a gain, but Aida64 is not a reliable benchmark on this point Z690 Tachyon AIDA64

Test on Geekbench 3 :

In parallel, we performed benchmarks on Geekbench 3. Here we can see the gain in memory and CPU scores. Note that the values above 6800Mt/s are obtained with BCLK increase. And, that the 7000Mt/s point is at 5250 Mhz on the CPU, 4150 MHZ on the Ecore and 4450 MHz on the cache. Here the frequency limit was 7000Mt/s, the benchmark cut off at 7070C30 Z690 Tachyon GB3 Here is the best Geekbench 3 score obtained with this motherboard with the Ecore active Z690 Tachyon GB3 Best All core To go further, we also pushed the motherboard without Ecore with an even higher CPU frequency and a very high cache. This results in a memory score of almost 14500 pts at 7000C30! Z690 Tachyon GB3 Best Pcore It goes without saying that this motherboard is cut out for overclocking, whether it be CPU or memory, as its records attest. Its main asset is undoubtedly Hicookie, who is constantly working to improve it. And, as we can see, the results are there.

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