RX 7600: no heatsink change at Asus and ASRock


On the custom RX 7600 side, we can now see what the models from Asus and ASRock will look like. However, these two manufacturers are environmentally friendly and recycle. The new generations of cards therefore use an old generation heatsink!

RX 7600 : Asus and ASRock recycle their heatsinks !

As you can see on the leaked pictures (thanks VideoCardz), the cards from Asus and ASRock use old heatsinks. Except for some design or texture changes in the fairing, there is no obvious change for these two manufacturers.

Thus, on the Strix and Dual versions of Asus we will notice a small change of color and absent markings. As for ASRock, the Phantom Gaming model looks like a pure recycling… Same for the Challenger version.

Nevertheless, we can always ask ourselves the question of the reasons behind these choices. Are they motivated by economic reasons: to lower the costs? Technical reasons? Or time constraints? Hard to say. On the other hand, as long as it works, why change? Yes, because the purpose of the heatsink is to cool the board silently.

Moreover, this is not the first time we notice this kind of practice on this generation of AMD cards. MSI did this on higher-end GPUs. Thus, the RX 7900 XT/X had fans from the RX 6900.