RTX 5090, towards a card with 28 GB of 448-bit GDDR7?


Rumor after rumor about the future RTX 5090. The aim here is to find out what the card’s configuration will be between now and its launch. While early rumors suggested a card with a 512-bit memory interface, today’s rumor suggests a different memory configuration.

RTX 5090: 28 GB GDDR7 in 448-bit…

RTX 5090 448 bits

Of course, all this must be taken with a grain of salt, as nothing is set in stone. This time, the rumor comes from the Chiphell forum via member Panzerlied.

According to him, NVIDIA’s 5090 will only offer a memory configuration with a 448-bit bus. This implies the use of fourteen memory chips. As we said, GDDR7 will initially only be available in 2 GB chips for the consumer sector. We should therefore be entitled to a graphics card with a total of 28 GB of VRAM. With these characteristics, we can estimate the card’s bandwidth at 1.5 TB/s with memory operating at 28 Gbps.

As our colleague points out, this also gives NVIDIA a bit of leeway if the need arises to offer slightly more complete cards. What’s more, the brand’s pro range is likely to feature GPUs with 512-bit memory interfaces, such as the Quadro series.

In the meantime, according to the latest rumors, the board could benefit from a PCB split into several modules. The heatsink would be much more compact than current models, with a dual-slot, dual-fan system. Finally, we can expect the first RTX 50s by the end of the year.