RTX 50: no GDDR7 for all cards?


New rumors about NVIDIA’s RTX 50 graphics cards, and more specifically about their memory configurations. Via X, @XpeaGPU reports that not all cards will benefit from the new VRAM standard, the famous GDDR7.

RTX 50: GDDR7 only for the top 3!

RTX 3080Ti - RTX 50

Blackwell promises to be an important generation of graphics cards for NVIDIA. Already, in the pro sector, gains are expected to be multiplied by 5 in the field of AI. Secondly, we saw here that from one generation to the next, Blackwell would offer the biggest performance boost!

The spearhead of the series, the potential RTX 5090, is said to feature a very large GPU. Rumors suggest a chip with no less than 192 SM and a 512-bit memory bus. Coupled with GDDR7, the memory bandwidth should be on the rise.


However, @XpeaGPU indicates that not all cards in the range would benefit from this new memory standard. No, GDDR7 would be limited to the top 3 most powerful cards in the series. In other words, we should have the RTX 5090, the RTX 5080 and a hypothetical RTX 5070 Ti or even RTX 5070 equipped with this VRAM. The rest should run on GDDR6 or even GDDR6X.

Ultimately, the segmentation would be similar to the current series. Indeed, on closer inspection, not all RTX 40s share the same memory type. The RTX 4060 and RTX 4060 Ti feature GDDR6, while the cards above them are equipped with GDDR6X. As GDDR6X is faster, it offers greater memory bandwidth.