RTX 50: cards powered by a PCIe 6.0 connector!


On the RTX 50 side, we’ve learned that the cards may well feature a new power connector… MORE! NVIDIA’s new boards may well feature PCIe 6.0, a new-generation 16-pin connector!

RTX 50: a PCIe 6.0-based power supply!

RTX 4090 nouveau 12VHPWRBroadly speaking, according to Moore’s Law is Dead, the cards will all use this new connector. This applies to all cards in the NVIDIA range, as well as OEM versions. At present, not all boards use 12VHPWR or 12V-2×6, as some RTX 4060 (Ti) boards still use 8-pin PCIe… However, its use is now widespread on all RTX 40 Super cards.

Secondly, NVIDIA uses this type of connector for cost-saving reasons. Indeed, on a large number of boards produced, if we can save a few dollars on one or two connectors, in the end, it represents a lot of money. The same applies to PCB design, which is much simpler.

Another argument in favor of this type of connector is its compactness: it takes up very little space. This also makes it possible to shorten PCBs, thus saving money on the amount of copper to be used.

Last but not least, this PCIe 6.0 should enable greater power. Rumor has it that the 5090 could then consume over 600W, while high-end cards could go up to 450W. Finally, the mid-range could be in the 300-350W range. Of course, this does not correspond to the expected power consumption of the cards, but this is what would be possible with this new connector.

Now, will it be compatible with current connectors? A mystery!