RTX 4090 after-sales service becomes problematic in China


With the US tech sanctions against China, NVIDIA can no longer export RTX 4090’s. But before the sanctions came down, a hell of a lot of cards were sold. But what happens if something goes wrong? In any case, replacements are a thing of the past!

RTX 4090: after-sales service impacted by US sanctions!

RTX 4090 Chine

Of course, it’s important to bear in mind that this situation only concerns the RTX 4090 and not the D version. Depending on the problems encountered by the cards, some of them can be solved locally, such as a simple fan change or a change of connector.

However, if the fault involves a manufacturer’s return, and that manufacturer is based outside China, then things get hot, as we learn from HKEPC. After receiving the card, the brand will no longer be able to send it back to China or Hong Kong… Tough.

For the time being, these companies have no choice but to offer a full refund for the card. As it is, we can say that with the money received, the user can always fall back on an RTX 4090D sold at the same price, or even an RTX 4080S, but… That’s not quite the same thing either.

Last but not least, remember that this problem concerns China, but not only. Yes, other countries like Russia are also affected. In fact, these sanctions penalize a whole lot of countries that Uncle Sam doesn’t really like.