Revolution D.F 12: Enermax power supplies with sheathed cables!


New power supplies from Enermax with the Revolution D.F 12 series. This range comprises just two units, with power ratings of 750W and 850W. However, cables are sheathed strand by strand, and white versions are also available!

Revolution D.F 12: strand-by-strand sheathed cables and two power ratings!

Enermax Revolution D.F 12The program includes 750W and 850W power supplies. As for color, you can choose between a black or white casing.

In addition to strand-by-strand sheathed cables, these power supplies feature fully modular cable management… As well as an ultra-compact casing. Where a traditional ATX block is at least 140 mm deep, here we’re at 122 mm (a block for those who have nothing to compensate for). Clearly, this is a model that will fit into any case.

However, this shallow depth has a direct impact on the size of the fan, which is 115 mm. Despite this, it benefits from semi-passive operation up to 50% load. Finally, the Dust Free button makes it work in the opposite direction to remove the dust that accumulates over time.

In the Internet, you’ll find the full package, including Japanese capacitors, all the necessary electrical protection and 80 Gold certification.

Last but not least, there’s no change in connectors from one power to the next. One ATX 24-pin, two EPS12V CPUs, one 12V-2×6, three PCIe 6 2, eight SATA and four molex are supplied.

Enermax product data sheets here!