Review : WB Alphacool Ice Block Aurora Acrylic GPX-N RTX 3080 FE


The last word:

We are coming to the end of this test and I can say that this waterblock for graphics card is the best I have ever tested. It is worth mentioning Alphacool’s effort to offer a different and very efficient system. This is a good sign for their latest waterblock for RTX 4090 which has a similar design.

WB Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-N

We liked:

  • The quality of the packaging proposed by Alphacool
  • The very well detailed color instructions
  • The quality of finish of the waterblock
  • The very good price of this waterblock with backplate
  • The performance

We would have liked :

  • A notch in the backplate to access the PCIe locket.

Alphacool offers us here the best solution to cool underwater its RTX 3080 Founder Edition at a correct price. The card comes with a bundle and a clear manual to facilitate its installation. However, we regret the backplate which stands out too much and prevents access to the PCIe latch. It is still an excellent choice for testing various thermal pastes and liquid metal on GPUs thanks to its simple installation.