Review : Secretlab Evo + Charcoal Blue Skin


At the end of 2021, we brought you Secretlab’s Titan Cookies & Cream seat for testing, followed by their 2022 model. Today, we’re back with the Titan Evo model in size S and its charcoal blue fabric skin for their respective tests. As a reminder, the seat is currently available for €524, while the skin is available for €199.

In this test, we’ll be judging the quality of this seat, its skin, its assembly and, above all, its day-to-day comfort.

So, what’s the value of Secretlab’s Titan Evo? Find out in our full review!


The Titan Evo S is clearly designed for smaller users. It has been specially designed for users measuring less than 1.70 m and ideally weighing less than 90 kg. But don’t worry, it can still support up to 130 kg. This is more of an ideal weight, if you want to feel comfortable on the chair, morphologically speaking. The regular model can ideally support 100 kg, while the XL model can support up to 180 kg. So make no mistake when choosing your model on the Secretlab website. But it’s all pretty clear!

The brand doesn’t skimp on interesting options, equipping, like Noblechairs and its Hero, with an integrated lumbar support adjustable by means of a small knob.

Here too, we’re treated to a memory foam cushion. The cushion is magnetic and attaches itself to the top of the backrest without straps. It can be removed or kept in place, as the user wishes. Secretlab also offers 4D armrests with magnetic tops.

The Titan Evo model is available in a host of different materials and colors. In fact, when it comes to upholstery, you’ll find Secretlab Neo hybrid imitation leather, softweave plus fabric and NAPA leather. Of course, the price depends on the material you choose. Then there are the different colors depending on the covering you choose. Here again, prices vary according to the patterns selected. Indeed, limited editions are bound to be more expensive than other models.

Otherwise, Secretlab seats come with a 5-year warranty.

Materials used :

Our model of the day features Neo hybrid leatherette upholstery. The brand states that this is a highly resistant material, up to 12 times more so than the competition. On top of this, you can also count on an in-house cold foam. Secretlab specifies that it offers medium density to reduce stress and distribute weight evenly. Finally, the base is made of ADC12 aluminum alloy.

Titan Evo S dimensions :

This “S” model is clearly smaller than the XL model we tested previously. In fact, the widest part of the backrest measures between 62 and 70 cm, depending on the position of the armrests, while the upper part of the backrest is 51 cm wide. The seat is 53 cm (with edges) and 48 cm deep.

You can also vary the height of this Secretlab seat thanks to its actuator. You’ll have room to maneuver from 45 to 52 cm.

Here, the base of this S model measures 70 cm (compared with 80 cm for the XL model), while the complete seat weighs almost 33.5 kg. That’s almost 4 kg less than the brand’s largest model.

Secretlab Titan Evo S