Review: NZXT Kraken 240 RGB


After having tested the Elite version of this new Kraken series, this time, we turn to the 240mm version and not Elite. Yes, NZXT sent us both versions of its new kits, so we will see what the physical differences are, but also what happens to the performance. Anyway, here we go!

NZXT Kraken 240 RGB White boîte

Presentation :

With this new series of AIO, we are dealing with the “entry-level” models of NZXT. Indeed, the Kraken Elite occupy the premium offer of the brand’s catalog. Anyway, this series is declined in 240 mm for the smallest model then we go up crescendo with a version in 280 mm then the biggest in 360 mm. This model comes with the same radiator sizes as the Elite range.

In any case, NZXT continues to trust Asetek since its AIOs are equipped with a seventh generation Danish pump. As for the Elite, the brand misses the boat on the novelty since the 8th generation pumps are available, we saw it with the kits of Asus Ryuo or on the new Glacier One of Phanteks.

Otherwise, we always find a software control. Thus, it is possible to manage the entire kit, whether it is the RGB lighting, the speed of the pump, fans or the screen … Oops.

Yes, the big news of this series is the small 1.54″ LCD display. Of course, it’s clearly not as good as the one on the Elite series, but at least it has the merit of being there, on the most accessible offering of the brand. It will allow you to display data related to your system in real time such as the temperature of your processor.

NZXT Kraken 240 RGB White

Finally, we will talk about price since this series remains globally “affordable”. NZXT mentions prices between $179.99 and $219.99 ($199.99 for the 280mm) for the AIOs equipped with RGB fans. If you skip the lights, you can get the 240mm for $139.99, the 280mm for $159.99 and the 360mm for $179.99. Without lights, the pricing doesn’t seem totally excessive to us.