Review : NZXT H7 Flow White



We are now at the end of our test of the H7 Flow from NZXT. So, good box or not? We tell you everything!

A better airflow!

With this H7 Flow, NZXT renews the concept introduced with the H510 Flow. Thus, by proposing a perforated front and upper part, the brand signs a case that correctly cools our components. As we have seen, our graphics card or our CPU did not suffer from high temperatures. On the other hand, adding a second fan on the front would make it possible to pull down certain temperatures even further.

On the other hand, beware of the noise they generate, at full speed, since they can become audible. Fortunately, by reducing their speed, we do not hear them anymore. Finally, on the insulation side, considering what is proposed here, we expected worse.

An easy assembly!

NZXT H7 Flow White ProtocoleThe other strong point put forward by this reference is the mounting aspect and especially the wiring. Behind the motherboard tray, you’ll find everything you need to direct your cables properly with cable ducts or velcro strips.

However, the negative aspect still lies in the one-piece disc cage used by the brand. Once again, if you want to complete/remove a storage medium, you will have to remove everything to put it back… Things would be so much easier with a basket system.

The monolithic look is still very convincing!

Finally, a quick word on the design of the NZXT box which plays on the monolithic look. Nevertheless, it is a style that we appreciate very much, especially since the finishes are of a good level and the all-steel construction gives a feeling of solidity. Finally, inside, we’ll have full filtration and room for a muscular configuration and AIO watercooling in 360 mm.

A well studied price :

For the price, NZXT positions its case at a price of about $140, a well studied pricing according to us. Positioned as it is, it is in serious competition with the iCUE 4000X and 5000D from Corsair. Nevertheless, our model of the day has the advantage of its front panel but loses the vertical PCIe slots.

NZXT H7 Flow:

We liked:
    • The very pleasant monolithic design
    • The finish is just right
    • The SSD decks in the bundle
    • The integral filtration
    • The easy opening of the side panels
    • The numerous cabling aids..
    • … Making assembly easy
  • The front panel allows a good air flow
  • Correct insulation for the type of front panel
  • The well studied pricing
We liked less :
  • The HDD cage still not very practical to use
  • The only fan on the front panel… A second one would have been welcome
  • Beware of the noise of the basic fan at full speed

médaille award OMF or gold

We choose to award gold to this H7 Flow from NZXT. Indeed, the case looks good and offers many aids making assembly easy despite a perfectible HDD cage. Nevertheless, it distinguishes itself thermally thanks to a front panel that favors the air flow. Beware though, the basic ventilation (which could be added as standard) can be audible at full throttle. Nevertheless, the situation could be worse on the insulation side

Many thanks to NZXT !