Review : NZXT H7 Flow White


The interior of the H7 Flow White

The interior of the H7 Flow White:

The opening is very simple since the two side panels are held by a push-pin system. To remove them, you just have to push them apart, don’t hesitate to force a bit, the side panels are firmly held!

The chassis :

The interior presents a frankly classic layout since the motherboard will be placed from the top. The power supply, as we have seen, will be installed at the bottom of the case, in a dedicated cover. However, it is compatible with motherboards in mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX and E-ATX formats.

With this, we will find many openings to pass the cables as we wish. Already, on the right side of the motherboard, we have a long passage masked by a plate badged NZXT. On the top, same constant: a large passage is present. Finally, in the base, two openings are also part of the power supply cover. Moreover, the wiring promises to be a piece of cake in view of the numerous guidance aids, but we’ll come back to that a little later.

Storage slots:

The H7 Flow is not a case that will particularly emphasize storage… Let’s just say that it is in the average of cases on the market with its four storage slots.

In fact, we have the right to the same HDD cage of two 3.5″ slots present under the power tunnel. Finally, at the back, the brand graces us with two small boards for 2.5″ SSDs. Two other plates are available via the accessories section and can be placed on the power supply cover, the perforations of the latter acting as an anchoring point.

The power supply slot:

NZXT H7 Flow White emplacement alimentation

The location of the power supply is not extraordinary by its positioning in the box or vis a vis what it offers. We have a simple grid allowing the block to breathe as well as two rubberized strips to limit vibrations. Be aware that we could install fully fanless blocks if we wish, the cover being perforated, the heat will not stagnate inside.

The possibilities of cooling :

Basically, the H7 Flow from NZXT arrives with only two 120mm fans. One is positioned at the front while the other takes place at the back. Moreover, the brand communicates on their technical characteristics. We know that they will operate up to 1200 RPM (±240 RPM) and that they will generate an airflow of 62.18 CFM and a static pressure of 1.05 mmH2O.

Of course, it will be possible to complete the ventilation by installing up to three mills in 120/140 mm in front. At the top, we have room for three more in 120 mm, but more than two in 140 mm. Finally, at the rear, a 120/140 mm slot is part of the game.

For watercooling, at the top, NZXT ensures compatibility with 360 mm radiators (30 mm thick). At the front, you can also opt for 360 mm radiator, but the total thickness increases to 60 mm according to the data sheet of the brand.

Finally, for air-cooling there is also room: 185 mm to be precise. You won’t have any trouble fitting a large NH-D15 Noctua (165 mm), a Assassin III from DeepCool (165 mm) or a R1 Ultimate signed Cryorig (168.3 mm).

The bundle:

NZXT H7 Flow White bundle

As for the accessories part, what do we find?

  • An assembly manual in the form of a leaflet
  • Two 2.5″ storage unit boards
  • Ten nylon collars
  • All the necessary screws and bolts for the assembly

The accessory section is quite complete, especially thanks to the presence of a support for an additional storage unit. As for the rest, we notice that NZXT even provides the necessary screws for mounting the fans or the power supply. Believe us, this is not systematic.

The small details:

This new H7 Flow has many cabling aids, which is a feature found on the new NZXT production. Here, they take the form of two channels to guide the cables or velcro strips scattered in strategic places.

Otherwise, we are dealing with an enclosure that is fully filtered. We think of the power supply, but a long filter is present at the top, but also behind the front. At the same time, with all the openings available, it is as many places where dust can sneak in.

Finally, there is a removable front plate for mounting the fans. It is held in place by two cross-headed screws in the top.

In summary:

NZXT H7 Flow White vidé

Well, we can say that the H7 Flow makes a good impression in its white color (which forced me to take out the black background 🙄)… Especially since it is rather well equipped by offering interesting features. One thinks especially of the many assists for wiring, integral filtration or the complete accessory part, up to the screws. Now we just have to see what it will do on the assembly side