Review: MSI RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Ventus 3x


We’re continuing our tests dedicated to the new “RTX 4000 SUPER” range announced by NVIDIA at CES 2024. Last week, we reviewed the NVIDIA RTX 4070 SUPER Founders Edition, the ASUS RTX 4070 SUPER TUF Gaming OC and the Gigabyte RTX 4070 SUPER Gaming OC. Today, we start with the “RTX 4000 Ti SUPER” models and a card with an MSRP of 889 euros ($799), the MSI RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Ventus 3x. This is MSI’s entry-level model, and is also available in a “Ventus 2x” version, i.e. with two fans and therefore a smaller footprint. As a reminder, when the RTX 4070 Ti graphics cards were launched in January 2023, the MSRP for the RTX 4070 Ti was 899 euros.

The last model to arrive at the end of January is the RTX 4080 SUPER, with an MSRP of 1109 euros ($999). Of course, we’ll be testing this one for you, so that you’ll have a complete overview of this new refresh from NVIDIA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we received a patch for our MSI’s BIOS just over 24 hours before publishing our test, but it was impossible to redo all our tests in terms of timing. They will be edited and updated this week. More on this in the conclusion.

Thanks to NVIDIA and MSI for making this copy of the MSI RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Ventus 3x available.