Review: KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti HOF



Overclocking via GPU Tweak :

Over to the latest version of the GPU Tweak software. This is the overclocking software designed by Asus but which is compatible with other brands of GPUs. The software is really well designed but you will have to go switch to advanced mode to have access to all the settings. Of course, you can also use the KFA2 AI software that we presented here.

In-house protocol:

To test our overclocking, we will first focus on the Time Spy benchmark. Let’s get started! We choose a maximum fan speed for the cooler, raise the power limit to the maximum, i.e. to 107% and off we go! At first, we only push the GPU frequency until the benchmark is no longer running. Once we have a stable GPU frequency, we move on to increasing the memory frequency. So with a boost frequency of 2080MHz (max GPU-Z 2220MHz) and the memory at 1400MHz we ran the benchmarks. As you can see, the temperatures remain excellent but the fans are also running at maximum.

The overclocking scores, despite the aircooling system, are slightly better than those obtained with the ROG RTX 3090 Ti Strix LC on a liquid-cooled solution. In short, we can’t wait to get the tools to unlock the voltages and start pushing this KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti HOF.