Review: KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti HOF


The last word:

An “ultimate” RTX 3090 Ti, but for whom ?

Well, let’s talk about the gaming side of things right away, which for us, is not really the focus of this RTX 3090 Ti.” Ah, but the performance is excellent in 4K though? ” Sure, but if you have to calculate the price/FPS, the RTX 3080 Ti is much more interesting. So now, if you have a 4K screen and an ultra-high-end configuration, you can of course find interest in this card. At least for the more fortunate… So who is this card for? NVIDIA is offering it as an upgrade from an RTX 2080, 2080 Ti or even the RTX Titan. The interest of the RTX 3090 Ti lies mainly in its 24 GB of memory. These will not be used for gaming at all, but will be used in applications. Most of the time, these are professional applications that mainly require the GPU engine. NVIDIA is of course offering a Founders Edition which will be priced at 2249 Euros.

KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti HOF

Now this card has a real interest for us since it is cut out for extreme overclocking and that’s what we want from it! We are waiting to receive the unlock tools in order to make the most of this card. The idea is to prepare all our Alder Lake configurations for a move to LN2. This KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti HOF is already doing a great job from the start and the excellent cooling system offered by KFA2 has a lot to do with it. The factory overclocking potential is already appreciable compared to the Founders Edition frequencies, but there is still room for improvement. As you can see on the overclocking page, we were able to push our card again and it pushes just as hard or even a little better than our ROG RTX 3090 Ti Strix LC under AIO.

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We liked:

  • The ultimate card for those who want the best for 4K/8K
  • A great alternative to pro cards for designers
  • Even better performance than the RTX 3090
  • A very well thought-out power supply with quality components
  • Excellent facrtory overclock!
  • GDDR6 memory is still as docile as ever when overclocking
  • Excellent cooling system combined with low noise levels
  • The presence of two BIOS’s
  • The availability of measuring points for voltage measurement
  • Tools and BIOS for extreme overclocking

We would have liked :

  • The price, but that was to be expected.
  • The thermal pads which tend to get damaged during disassembly

With this KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti HOF, KFA2 offers us the best and final card of the RTX 3000 generation. It represents the best of what is currently available if you ignore the power consumption and the price. However, it exists, and KFA2 continues to pamper overclockers who dream of breaking records with this Hall Of Fame version. Being an overclocker and having always taken this factor into account in my reviews, it is without any hesitation that I credit it with a “crush”! Now we just have to wait a few weeks to put it under LN2 and try to get some scores.