Review: Intel Core i5-13400F, the king of the entry level ?


This Monday, we have proposed you the test of the Intel Core i5-13500 which left us an excellent impression but this new Intel Core i5-13400F may also hurt or even very hurt the competition. As a reminder, these new non-K processors announced at CES 2023 are in direct competition with the AMD Ryzen 7000 non-X that we tested recently.

The price of this i5-13400F is $225 or 252 euros on Amazon but can be found in Germany at 222 euros! As you can see, it has an air cooling system , the Laminar RM1. It is always a plus to have a cooling solution in a bundle before investing in a cpu cooler or a more powerful AIO, in order to save some euros especially on a new configuration.

Thanks to Intel for making this sample available. We should also receive soon a sample of the Intel Core i9-13900KS in order to propose you the test too. So here we go for the test of this Intel Core i5-13400F processor.