Review: Ducky Channel One 3 Mist


A new keyboard manufacturer has arrived at the editorial office: Taiwanese Ducky. In fact, we’ve just received a keyboard from Taiwan, the Channel One 3 in its Mist Grey version. We invite you to discover this new model in today’s test. So, is Ducky a brand worth considering (yes, yes, yes!)? We’ve got the answer.

Technical features :

With this keyboard from Ducky Channel, we’re back with a 100% format model, i.e. full size, or 104 keys. So, even though it’s de facto larger than a 60% or a TKL, it remains fairly contained, with dimensions of 450 (W) x 140 (D) x 40 (H) mm. By way of example, it’s just as tall, a little wider but much shallower than a Corsair K70 Max, for example.

The rest of the datasheet contains a few grey areas. For example, while we know that this keyboard benefits from an N-Key Rollover, we don’t know if theanti-ghosting feature is integral. The same goes for the polling rate, which is not mentioned. Nevertheless, given the product’s range, it’s reasonable to assume that there’s full anti-ghosting and a 1000 Hz polling rate .

The keyboard also benefits from aRGB lighting, and is connected to the PC via a USB-A 2.0 cable.

A top-of-the-range keyboard with numerous variations:

In terms of price, we’re clearly dealing with a top-of-the-range keyboard, as evidenced by its price that can exceed €200. It also comes in a wide range of versions. It will be available in :

  • Cosmic Blue: mix of dark blue/black with red and yellow lettering
  • Mist: a mix of gray/purple shades with green and white lettering
  • White: an all-white keyboard with transparent lettering for illumination
  • Aura / White: a keyboard with translucent shell and keys in white or black
  • Yellow Dycky : all-yellow with white lettering
  • DayBreak: a mix of acid blue, gray and yellow or white lettering
  • Gossamer Pink: a mix of shades of pink on a white base, with pink or white lettering
  • Matcha: mix of pink and pale green with black or green lettering
  • Fuji : mix of pink and dark blue with pink lettering

And all these colors are also available in a wide range of formats. There’s something for everyone: 100%, TKL and 65%/60%.

Recommended system:

Once again, the Taiwanese brand isn’t very forthcoming about the recommended system. However, we can assume that a PC equipped with a USB-A port will be more than adequate to operate this model. Furthermore, no software is supplied. All settings will be made via keyboard shortcuts.