Review: Distroplate for OBT by Niuulh’s Workshop



We are coming to the end of this test of a very different product than what we usually test. With this distroplate mounted on our bench and the QDCs mounted on it, it will be even easier to change configuration in the future. The pictures will look even better thanks to the neat pipes. Regarding the performance, it is not really impacted by the loss of flow. But, a switch to a double pump D5 solution could be considered to give more flexibility in flow for future waterblock tests.

As a reminder, this distro for OpenBenchTable is available for sale for 120 €.

Niuulh’s Workshop OBT distroplate

We liked:

  • The low throughput after installation
  • The performances are still there
  • The reactivity for the creation of a new product

We would have liked :

  • A lower price
  • A cleaner surface machining

This first distroplate for OBT opens the way to products that nobody really needs. But, that every MO-RA3 and OBT owner would like to have. In this version we have one system in series but it is also possible to have two systems in parallel on both sides of the OBT for the IN and OUT. It is in any case a favorite for this first distrOBT by Niuulh’s Workshop.