Review: Distroplate for OBT by Niuulh’s Workshop


Comparative tests:

So we arrive at the crucial moment, when is the new performance with this distro? The result is better than expected, we have to start with a flow rate that has gone from 220 L/h to 180 L/h. A minimal decrease that will have little impact on the performance of the waterblocks used here.

The second big change comes from the cpu coldplate, which has been upgraded to a nickel-plated PRO version. We don’t notice any significant differences, however, with the same temperatures on Cinebench R20 and 0.5°C less on Cinebench R23. Thus, we could consider not redoing all the measurements made before the change of configuration. But, this would not be very professional.

Regarding the performance on GPU, we have here almost the same cooling performance as we had before. We will take advantage of the next thermal paste tests to integrate the graphics card to the thermal paste tests.

The tests were performed with Arctic MX-6 for the CPU and KFA² TG-002 for the GPU.