Review: Corsair XTM70 Thermal paste



We are coming to the end of this test. With this XTM70, Corsair offers a high performance paste at a golden price. Because yes, even if this one is slightly ahead of the NT-H2 from Noctua or TG-001 from KFA². It will cost three to four times more for the same quantity. But in fact, we can not blame Corsair for having released a thermal paste as efficient. We only regret that a version without accessories at a reduced price is not available for sale. Corsair XTM70 As a reminder, this thermal paste is available for directly from Corsair for 24.99 €.

Corsair XTM70

We liked:

  • The bundle with spatula, applicator and wipe
  • Performance on CPU
  • Excellent hold on long load (ideal on GPU ?)
  • Easy application with a spatula

We would have liked:

  • A lower price
  • A version without bundle

médaille award OMF or goldCorsair offers us with this XTM70 the best thermal paste tested to date. Performances that unfortunately go hand in hand with the staggering price of nearly 24 € for only 3g. We regret this price and we would have liked to see a version without bundle at lower cost available for sale. We award it the GOLD for its remarkable performances even if it deserves more.