Review: Corsair MP700 PRO 2 TB SSD


Today marks the end of the NDA for Corsair’s new MP700 PRO SSD. This is an evolution, as the “PRO” name suggests, and will therefore offer even higher speeds than the MP700. Please note that these are PCI-Express 5.0-compatible models, so you’ll need a motherboard with a PCI-Express 5.0 connector to take full advantage of the announced speeds. Without it, your performance will simply be limited, and that would be a shame! Corsair will be offering its new MP700 PRO SSD either bare-metal, with aircooling or with a Hydro X series waterblock. It’s the air-cooled version we’ll be reviewing today.

Thanks to Corsair for making this copy of the MP700 PRO 2 TB SSD available.