Review: Corsair 2000D Airflow


New case test in perspective with material coming from Corsair. The American company is back to the compact PC sector by launching a new reference, the 2000D Airflow. The program, as we said, a PC case in mini-ITX format, but which claims to be “airflow”. As you will see, this is not quite the case. In short, a good case… Or not? Let’s discover it together!

Corsair 2000D Airflow

The exterior of the 2000D Airflow :

With this new model, the brand offers us a case with a monolithic format all in height. At OCC, it is really the first time that we have a case of this shape and, from a visual point of view, it works quite well. Let’s also note that the design is uncluttered with large metal mesh panels without any particular artifice. Normally, the whole should breathe pretty well. To see on the field.

Regarding the dimensions, inevitably, format obliges, we find a compact reference. This case measures 200 (W) x 271 (D) x 458 (H) mm. The footprint on a desk will therefore be quite small … Even if more compact cases exist. On the other hand, you will have to deal with a significant height. Otherwise, this case has a steel chassis while the feet and the various uprights of the mesh panels are made of plastic.

The control panel:

Corsair 2000D Airflow panneau de contrôle

On this case, the control panel is accessible from the bottom of the front panel. This one is quite complete and proposes :

  • A power button with its status diode
  • Two USB-A 3.0 ports
  • One USB-C 3.1 port
  • A headphone/microphone combo jack 3.5 mm.
  • A reset button

In fact, the connectivity is similar to what we found at Silverstone and its Grandia GD11. Corsair does not give in to minimalism and offers a functional panel… At least, equipped with enough connectivity to connect two USB keys at the same time.

The underside:

Corsair 2000D Airflow dessous

Under the case, we do not find much of interest insofar as four feet are present. These are made of plastic and have a non-slip rubber coating. However, we can see the presence of a removable triangular grid in the shape of an “L”. In addition to facilitating the evacuation of heat, it will free up access to the rear connector of the motherboard… But we’ll come back to that a little later.

The rear:

Corsair 2000D Airflow arrière

Unlike more conventional cases, the back of the case has absolutely nothing special. At this place, we simply find a long dust filter and a small opening in the lower right corner. Otherwise, we will notice the presence of small velcro strips, whose purpose will be revealed later.

The top:

Corsair 2000D Airflow dessus

On the top, the case again features a mesh grill mounted on plastic posts. However, we find a small touch of originality with the shiny logo of the brand. Note that this part is removable and that once removed it reveals the back of the power supply.