Review: AMD RX 7600, a good surprise ?


The last word:

It is now time to give you our impressions on this AMD RX 7600 which is intended for the entry-level 1080p 60 FPS. One thing is for sure, we have a lot to say about this new graphics card from AMD. Let’s start with the 1080p rasterization performance which is excellent. As we said, even if we didn’t have an RX 6650 XT, no doubt the performance would have been very close. Compared to the previous generation with the RX 6600, we measured a performance gain close to 30%. Still in rasterization, you can also enjoy some games in 1440p and have performance above 60 FPS.

Things get a little more complicated when raytracing is enabled in 1080p, but if the game has FSR, it allows our AMD RX 7600 to see its performance boosted and thus allow our card to fully benefit from the contribution of this technology.

A very competitive card!

As we have seen in our tests, this AMD RX 7600 is a direct competitor to the two Intel ARC GPUs. As a reminder, the A750 model is available for around 259 euros and the A770 version for 380 euros, even if the ASRock cards have a more aggressive price. With its price of 299 euros, our AMD RX 7600 is therefore in an excellent position.

On the NVIDIA side, if the RTX 3060 is a formality, our RX 7600 still can’t reach the performance of an RTX 3060 Ti. Now, at the moment, an RTX 3060 Ti is at best 329 euros but in Germany. That’s why we’re looking forward to seeing the NVIDIA RTX 4060 in July, because it promises a very interesting duel. This card is announced at 335 euros but in the absence of Founders Edition, will the partners manage to keep this price?

The only fault we can find with this card is the temperature, which we found too high. Now that the NVIDIA and AMD launches are over, we’ll take the time to see if the cooling curve can be optimized or done in another way. We’ll tell you more about that in the coming days. Let’s also hope to see partner cards come in with the same or close to the 299 euro price tag and a more efficient cooling system.

The 8 GB debate:

As was the case with our tests regarding the RTX 4060 Ti, the question regarding 8 GB of ram in 2023 resurfaces. Our impressions are the same. Currently, we don’t feel like it’s a limiting factor but it’s hard to judge in the coming months. We are on a card under the 300 euro mark and it is difficult to ask more from AMD without seeing the price increase. We know that in the past we have seen GPUs at 150/200 euros but we imagine that this will no longer be the case in the coming months.

AMD RX 7600:

We liked:

  • A card to take full advantage of 1080p or even 1440p
  • The sober design of this AMD version
  • The use of a classic 8-pin connector
  • The very reliable sound quality
  • The quality of design of the card
  • The possibility of partners to sell this “reference” card
  • A card that competes with the Intel ARC GPUs and the RTX 3060 Ti
  • A very interesting price/performance ratio
  • The FSR which, when present, allows a gain in terms of FPS

We would have liked :

  • A better management of the temperatures by the cooling system
  • The absence of Coil Whine still slightly present on our sample

médaille award OMF or goldTo be honest, it was a close call for this AMD RX 7600 to leave with a “coup de coeur” mention. The price/performance ratio in rasterization is very good and the contribution of FSR when raytracing is activated allows to boost the number of FPS. Unfortunately, the high temperatures do not allow us to give it this award. In the next few days, we will give it a test on overclocking and cooling optimization to see what can be done. Thanks to AMD for making this sample available.