Review: AMD RX 7600, a good surprise ?


Specifications and PCB:

Technical specifications:

In terms of frequency, here is the one of our AMD RX 7600. The basic one is announced at 2250 MHz while the Boost is at 2655 MHz. The 8 GB of G-DDR6 memory runs at 2250 MHz (288 GB/s) on a 128-bit bus. Compared to the previous generation, the RX 6600, the frequencies have been increased. These frequencies correspond to those of the reference card, we should have factory overclocked cards from AMD partners with perhaps higher frequencies.

A little passage through GPU-Z to check that the information read is correct. Don’t forget that the latter will be superior during benchmarks depending on the quality of your chip and the cooling system.

Let’s unpack the PCB:

As we hinted to you, we did not disassemble our RX 7600 at this time. The launch of new graphics cards by AMD and NVIDIA at one day intervals and the reception of several samples did not leave us enough time. But we’ll come back to this as we’ll talk about the temperatures of this card which are far too high for our taste.